Sunday, July 24, 2011

BlackBerry 8220 Review

In a nutshell: A BlackBerry in a clamshell form factor! Not our favourite BlackBerry, as the Pearl series is looking rather dated now, but still a good compact phone/PDA for mobile email, with a camera and MP3 player thrown in!
BlackBerry 8220
We've been a bit slow to review the 8220 Pearl, considering that it first appeared in the last quarter of 2008! That's because we assumed that it was just intended for the US market, and we didn't think that it was going to appear in the shops here in the UK. Well, it has appeared but it seems that most people feel the same way as us, because not many are buying it.

The 8220 is basically like the other Pearl devices (the 8100, 8110 & 8120) except that it's a clamshell. It's fatter as a result, and we find that the clamshell form isn't ideal for using this kind of keypad. It's also heavier than the other Pearl phones. But it does have the advantage of a larger internal screen. It's equipped with BlackBerry Maps too, but it doesn't have a GPS receiver.

Basically, if you like the BlackBerry Pearl series, but prefer the clamshell form factor, then this is the BlackBerry for you. Personally, we feel that the whole of the Pearl series is looking rather dated now, and we'd steer you in the direction of the 8900, which is a cracking phone with a full QWERTY keyboard.


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