Friday, July 29, 2011

Samsung G600 Review

In a nutshell: The G600 is still a fantastic phone. It combines fab looks with a superb 5 megapixel camera, a fully featured music player and 1 Gbyte of memory. It avoids the touch-sensitive keys of the U600, making it a totally practical phone to use. Available in black, pink, purple and silver.
Samsung G600
The Samsung G600 offers the power of a 5 megapixel camera in Samsung's now-classic slimline slider format. Although it's two years old, the G600 has an amazing spec and a beautiful design to match. Samsung don't always make perfect phones - the E900 and U600 irritated some users with their touch-sensitive buttons - but the G600 gets everything just right and is a real classic. Whilst it lacks the wow factor of newer phones, it's just a fantastically good phone to use with nothing to detract from the experience.

At Mobile Phones UK, we like to start reviewing phones with a look at the outside. Samsung's slider design has been around for about 5 years now, and is tried and tested. The G600 opens and closes with an easy sliding action, and has a smooth silky finish that's glossy but not a fingerprint magnet like some. The G600 is not an ultra-slim phone like the U600, but at 15mm it's certainly not a fatty. It's a good practical size, and at 48mm wide it's a couple of millimetres narrower than some of the ultra-slims, which doesn't sound like much, but makes the phone easier to hold. The keypad is responsive when pressed and there are no touch-sensitive keys. The screen is large at 2.2 inches diagonally, and with 16 million colours and 240 x 320 pixels is Samsung's best screen ever. The camera is well protected behind the slide: to use it you open the slide to reveal the lens and flash. Frankly it's hard to see how the physical design could have been improved. 5 stars so far.

The G600's camera is a 5 megapixel beast with autofocus, LED flash and 4x digital zoom. The G600 is still an impressive camera phone and one of the best in the budget category. The G600 features two useful camera modes - panorama mode lets you take pictures of wide views such as landscapes, and macro mode lets you take close-up shots. There's a built-in picture editor, and direct printing to a Pictbridge-compatible printer is supported. High quality video recording at 640 x 480 pixels is also available.

After a camera, the next most important gadget in a mobile is a music player, and the G600 doesn't disappoint. Every major format is supported (MP3, AAC, AAC+, 3-AAC+ and WMA). There's support for wireless Bluetooth stereo headsets - in fact there's support for dual headsets, which means that a friend can listen to your music at the same time if you wish. The G600 has a music player interface with a dedicated music library. You can create playlists and organise your music by artist, album or genre. It's as easy to use as an iPod. An FM radio is also built in. Memory isn't a big problem either as the G600 has built-in user memory of 40 Mbytes plus a 1 Gbyte memory card supplied in the sales package. OK, this isn't a lot but it's enough to store a few hundred songs.

There are plenty of other features - highlights include a document viewer, offline mode, Bluetooth and USB connectivity, and quadband. Battery life seems to be quite good - you should get a few days' usage, depending on how much you use the multimedia features and the Bluetooth.

Can we find fault with the G600? Nope! Do we love it to bits? You bet! The G600 was a very strong contender for Phone of the Year 2007 and is still one of Samsung's best-sellers in 2009!

We've been surprised how many of our user reviews have criticised the G600. The main complaint seems to be the camera. We can only assume that people are using the wrong camera settings (make sure that you set the camera resolution to maximum). The G600 may not be able to match the picture quality of the best, but it's still a darn good camera phonefor its price!

One or two people have complained about the G600 freezing or cutting out when sliding the phone open or closed. Jay from the UK offers this advice: the battery on these phones is a little loose and so breaks contact with sudden movement off phone e.g sliding it up or down or placing it on a hard (or soft surface) too firmly. SIMPLY place a bit of sticky tape around the curved end of the battery at the opposite side of the gold contacts which will push the battery closer to the contacts on the phone. Problem solved, it works fine tho might need two pieces. hope this helps.. love the g600 again now.


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